1. Hello Brian
    I first heard about you from my big sister (6years my senior, now in her 80’s) who told me that she chatted to the people next to her at your reading in Malvern, and guess what it was your mum and dad. I now have your book, which inspired me, a retired agricultural engineer, to come up with this. If it is worth it, and you feel it can be improved, or if you can use it, feel free.


    In modern times things come in threes
    So for amateur poets like me it is a breeze

    First we had Boris Yeltsin, head of the USSR
    Then there was Boris Becker who was a tennis star
    Now, Boris Johnson thinks he is the UK Tzar

    In Ireland it is “T” when we say “TH”, take my word
    And some would say I am being absurd
    That they are not being rude, or so I have heard
    When they (and many more of us ) call him Boris the third.

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