Month: January 2022

A Night In with Brian Bilston

If the above doesn’t sound too dull or terrifying a prospect, you might be interested to know I’m doing an event with Fane on 3rd February.

I’ll be reading some poems from ‘Alexa, what is there to know about love?’ and having a chat with the brilliant Ian McMillan.

More details – including how to get hold of a ticket – are here:

Alexa, what is there to know about when the paperback is coming out?

I’m delighted to receive some advance paperback copies of my book ‘Alexa, what is there to know about love?’. It publishes on 3rd Feb and is available to pre-order.

I’ve taken a photo of it next to a plant because that’s what book bloggers sometimes do if a cup of cappuccino is unavailable.

Photo of a book next to a plant

It’s available through all the bookshops, particularly the independent ones. The book may or may not be appropriate for Valentine’s Day or be put to a variety of other sundry uses.

I’ve also attached a few poems from it, what always used to refer to as ‘bonus promotional content’.