Diary of a Somebody

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Today is Publication Day for my new book, ‘Diary of a Somebody’. I hope you may find it in a bookshop near you; or failing that, an online bookshop near you, such as one of these:




And here are a few nice things that have been said about it so far:

“At last, a genuinely funny comic novel.” The Times

“Brian Bilston turns the base metal of comic verse into gold.” The Guardian

“A brilliant comic novel.” The Spectator

One of the funniest novels for years.Reader’s Digest

7 thoughts on “Diary of a Somebody

  1. Just read your poem “America Is A Gun” and found it poignant. As an American, I can understand how that is the way the world might view us. Sadly, our great nation seems to be trailing behind the rest of the western world in so many important areas, guns just being one of them! The good news is that I look forward to reading more of your work including “Diary of a Somebody”

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