Month: September 2014

Stay Off The Crack

Stay off the crack.
If you’re handed some,
Just give it back.

For crack
Is a thing that your life
Really should lack.

Do not have it
For dinner or as a
Mid-morning snack.

Or as a way
To distract from
The state of Iraq.

Even a crack
In a pavement is bad.
Please find a new track.

So stay off the crack.
Just like the llama,
The mongoose and yak

(But not the gnu,
Which is known to
Sniff glue).

Paul Young

it was quite by accident
that i discovered Paul Young
in the garden that morning,
living under a hat.

he appeared to have
made himself quite at home
there although he admitted to
periods of abject loneliness.

i would visit him daily,
feeding him turnips,
the ends of which he
would store in his turn-ups.

upon arriving, he would beg
me to stay for good this time
but, having other things
to attend to, i never did.

however i did enjoy the feeling
of him next to me and so
every time i went away,
i would take a piece of him with me.

then one day, to my dismay,
i lifted up his hat, and found
there was no more of him left,
not even an ankle or an earlobe.

in a rage, i tore his playhouse down
before going inside to stroke
my cyndi lauper.