Some Lesser-Known Collective Nouns

Assorted Poems, Some poems

A distraction of smartphones.
A reckoning of spreadsheets.
An indolence of poets.
A conspiracy of subtweets.
A pile of haemorrhoids.
A bunion of personal trainers.
A grope of presidents.
A condescension of mansplainers.
An abundance of foodbanks.
An underfunding of schools.
A pathy of voters.
A cabinet of fools.
A collection correction of pedants.
A sesquipedality of long words.
An invention of collective nouns.
An oven glove of non sequiturs.

7 thoughts on “Some Lesser-Known Collective Nouns

  1. Some of your poems give me a

    bump, or a thump on the head

    or a tickle just a little

    the longer words take some unpacking

    you got good at this rapping

    love it when i get it.


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