Hold my hand while we jump off this cliff

Assorted Poems, Some poems

‘Let’s jump off this cliff – it’ll be fun! A right laugh!’
urged all the people (well, I mean just over half
of those who had bothered to speak up at all).
I peered down at the rocks; it was a long way to fall.

I said, ‘This cliff’s more than three hundred feet high
and my doctor tells me if I jump I will die.’
‘Cliff-jumping’s fine!’ they said. ‘Don’t trust doctors, trust us!
We read all about it on the side of a bus.’

Worried, I met up with my local MP.
I shared my concerns. He was forced to agree:
‘Why the rocks below would smash you to bits!
Where did you get this idea of jumping off cliffs?’

‘It was the will of some of the people,’ I said
and his expression changed to another instead.
‘I think,’ he revised, ‘you’re being melodramatic.
The problem is you. You’re undemocratic.’

On the clifftop, we waited. In silence we stood.
Then a voice: ‘Remind me, why is cliff-jumping good?’
But we looked down at our shoes, baffled and stumped.
Then, out of embarrassment, we held hands and jumped.

9 thoughts on “Hold my hand while we jump off this cliff

  1. I shared this on my Facebook feed and one of my friends responded:

    “I’d change the last bit, too negative: … But we looked down at our shoes not baffled, not lost Common sense returned as we realised the cost.

    Our families our friends … we would all miss out ‘No thanks we’ll stay right here!’ they heard us SHOUT! Let’s knuckle down, make our futures glow. We’re thoughtful, not sheep we don’t want to go!” ________________________________

  2. This could have been written for the US two years ago. It’s such an atrocious mess now. But we’re hanging in there and still fighting for all that’s good and right about us (“us” meaning humans, not just Americans). So, even though it can be incredibly disheartening at times, know it’s not over — you’ll just have to figure out a different way to get to where you want to be.

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