Lost Words

Let’s lockdown with the Scrabble board,
have a rummage in the tiles,
and conjure words of hope and love
to pass the time awhile.

And if you’re short of consonants,
you can have a few of mine.
Hang on – what does ‘PRAXY’ mean?
No, whatever, I’m sure it’s fine.

Now you’ve set down all your tiles
on a triple word score, too.
Great. That’s the Q I’ve just acquired
and you’ve taken the last U.

I used to think we were meant to be,
but now I just don’t know.
You spelt ‘JUVENILE’ with your tiles
right where I’d planned to go.

a night on the tiles

something in
Maureen stirred
whenever Malcolm
put down a word

he’d grunt and groan
as he planned his attack;
she secretly hoped
he’d peek at her rack

she put down ‘moist’
and things got quite hot
when he presented ‘rigid’,
having found her ‘g’ spot

and then, on a red square,
he slotted in ‘thighs
and she saw Malcolm’s tally
grow three times in size