Conservative Party HQ Lunchtime Menu

Some poems

Deprived shrimps

Money-glazed smirked ham

Scorn fritters


Battered electorate,
with a basket of crushed hopes
and slow-cooked fatigue

Half-baked notions,
idling on a soft bed of privilege,
served with a thick faux pas sauce

Kids in blankets,
deep-famished, with a deprivation of vegetables
and a relish reduction

Toads in the hole,
with golden hand-outs in a thick rich gravy
(self-serving only)


Eton Mess

Fudge (ten different flavours)

6 thoughts on “Conservative Party HQ Lunchtime Menu

  1. Brilliant, as usual!

    On Sun, 25 Oct 2020 at 09:35, Brian Bilston’s Poetry Laboetry wrote:

    > brianbilston posted: ” Deprived shrimpsMoney-glazed smirked hamScorn > fritters*Battered electorate,with a basket of crushed hopesand slow-cooked > fatigueHalf-baked notions,idling on a soft bed of privilege,served with a > thick faux pas sauceKids in blankets,deep-famished, with a ” >

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