You bagged all the seats

Assorted Poems, Some poems

You bagged all the seats
and created a buffer zone
out of all that you own.

For the rest of the carriage,
it was a marriage
of inconvenience.

Your stacked-up stockpiles
forced us into the aisles,
like unwanted children

from your luggage love-in.
You, ignorant of those who queued,
were sandbagged in solitude.

Maybe this is all unfair
and there are good reasons
to have your belongings there.

Perhaps, there was a lack
of space on the rack,
or your knapsack was having a nap.

Or did your bags house vital information,
which, if in the wrong hands,
might bring down Our Great Nation?

Are you a tropical disease carrier,
who, to prevent further cases,
built the Great Big Bag Barrier?

Or are you a crusader
for luggage liberty and equality?
Bags have rights like you and me.

Or, on reflection,
perhaps, it is that
you are simply
a twat.

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