64 Failed Attempts to Guess Your Wi-Fi Password

Assorted Poems, Some poems

Password, Password1, Passw0rd, abc123,
123456​​, welcome, Abcdef, qwerty,
Ilovecats, cats123, kittens​​, morecats​​​,
301070​​, 30101970​​, 30Oct70​​ , October30,

Aaaaaaaa, aargghhhh​​, Ann0y1ng, typ1cal​​,
Glasto07, ArcticMonkeys​, Beyonce5, EltonJohn,
plethora​​, mellifluous​​, hubbub​​, Pinnacle,
GRIMACE​​, beleaguered​, hopeless123​, woebegone,
letmein​​, beggingyou, ICanChange ​​, promise​​,
please1, prettyplease2​, 1m0rechance​, BETRAYAL,
fopd00dle​​, CLATTERFART​, Webgobbler​​, cOckwomble,
Jobernowl7​​, humpgruffin41​, nipcheese13​​, dailymail​,

sosorry, whathaveibecome, ​​shameful​​, MOnster​​,
MrHyde6​​, Gollum123​​, itisonlyWiFi​​, ICanBeFree,
nature​​, countryside, innerpeace​​, soulcleanse​,
purity4​​​, tranquility​​, Password12​​, Password123​​​.

Lines Written Upon Arriving At A Holiday Cottage And Discovering The Lack Of Reliable Wi-Fi

Assorted Poems, Some poems

slow burning days drag by
as the smouldering fag ends of hours
turn themselves to ash

second-hand jigsaws
sleep smugly on dusty shelves,
uncontrite at their incompleteness,

next to a well-thumbed
Robert Harris and the fortnight
stretches like old laddered tights

evenings drab with scrabble
and the death rattle of yahtzee dice
provide no substitute

for videos of piano-playing cats
instagram selfies, status updates
and Lionel Richie memes

instead this, the buffering
and the suffering and the shutters
which rattle in the wind