Her Universe

She gazed up into the night sky
with intensity
and pondered the immensity
of the observable universe.

Space seemed so spacious,
forty-six billion light years in radius,
with recent astronomical analyses
suggesting one hundred billion galaxies
and stars numbering
three hundred sextillion
(give or take a few thousand billion).

Even if she set off soon,
a walk to the moon
would take three thousand days
which, to coin a phrase,
would be sheer lunacy.

The universe held her spellbound
in its unimaginable boundlessness
until the phone rang
and she went back inside
her cramped one-bedroom flat in Croydon
to answer it.

Unhappy Birthdeity

Despite what some think
It must be a little deficient
To be God of the Universe,
Omnipresent and omniscient.

I mean, for a start,
You would always know
When some of your mates
Had decided to throw
A surprise party
To mark the occasion
Of the 13.8 billionth birthday
Of your creation.

It wouldn’t be hard
To make that deduction
Given the big increase
In candle production.

And you’d always know,
No matter the packing,
What the gift was
That you were unwrapping.