But he had so many friends, they said,
on hearing the news.
And they went back through his posts,
searching for clues.

But no, there was nothing
to explain it away.
Just selfies, with filters applied,
from that last day.

Selfie Stick

The modern fixation
upon the selfie,
I find not natural,
normal nor healthy.

There’s too much of the me,
the myself and the I,
not enough of the where,
the how or the why.

Selfies are boring;
I would much rather snap
the them and the those,
the what and the that.

Eager stroker of ego.
Photographic spam.
Bedroom or bathroom,
I click therefore I am.

Narcissistic reflections
in camera phone glory;
if a selfie could vote,
it would probably vote Tory.