Month: November 2014


She was trapped under a cat
For four weeks and two days.
She’d have liked to get up
She’d tried all sorts of ways.

But the cat was set fair
And would not be disturbed.
The mere thought of escape
Became somewhat absurd.

A food parcel arrived
But too late to save her.
And the cat? He just moved in
With her next door neighbour.


five years passed
before Denise
admitted to herself
that they were never
going to get it together

yes, they were close
but it was like there was
something missing

and although they
worked on it together,
talked things through,
looked at it from all angles,
tried new things out
(this way and that),
it never seemed
quite right

why Mike should think
that flat-pack assembly
was such a good idea,
Denise would never know