Hand of God

Assorted Poems, Some poems

We cried blue murder at the time.
It was a crime against humanity,
Not an act of spontaneity
From the digits of a deity.

Still, the next week, each lunchtime,
We were all doing it.
Any aerial challenge became
An opportunity for divine intervention,
With an asphalt Ascension
Into a playground pantheon
Of class-war champions
Beckoning for anyone who could
Pull off a palm of providence
With confidence.

And although our clumsy
Sleights of hand were always exposed,
Like a bungled party trick,
It didn’t stop us from trying
To create artistry out of artifice.


49 thoughts on “Hand of God

  1. Some honesty at last. It took the WWW for me read it though no matter. A nice take on it. Well done Brian.

  2. Fantastic poem. To produce arguably the 2 most memorable World Cup goals of all time, within 5 minutes of each other, is an incredible feat. Yes, the ‘Hand of God’ could be seen as a moment of deplorable deception, but the quick thinking of Maradona, both to anticipate the ball and have the quick thinking to use his hand was, if such a thing is probably, the cheating of a genius.

    Anyway, great post. If you get the chance, it would be greatly appreciated if you could take a look at my blog!

  3. As an England fan I remember seeing this and feeling so angry and cheated.

    However looking back on it, in 1986 Argentina were the best team in the tournament and were worthy winners overall. Had England sneaked a draw and won on penalties I don’t think we would have got any further in the 1986 world cup

    The Science Geek

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