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It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on here. Sorry about that. Or maybe it’s a good thing. Opinions may vary.

Anyhow, I have managed to publish a couple of new books since my last post. Quite how this happened, I don’t know.

In January, my new collection ‘Alexa, what is there to know about love? published. It’s my first proper collection since ‘You Took the Last Bus Home’. It contains a sequence of poems about love in its different varieties, as well as other, more mundane preoccupations. It looks like this …

And then a few weeks ago, I had a book of football poems for children published. It’s called ‘50 Ways to Score a Goal’. It’s bright green and looks like this …

Both are available through a bookshop near you – or indeed any of those online bookshops that you get nowadays.

That’s it for now. Stay safe and well!

2 thoughts on “New books!

  1. Thanks very much Mr. B. I have the former and am about to buy the latter for my 8 year old grandson. He doesn’t like football but he likes and knows a good poem when he hears one!

    Please keep on writing – I love your work. Please come to Edinburgh again and let everyone know when you are doing another tour.

    Gratefully yours,

    Angie Turner.

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    1. Fantastic. Thanks, Angie. Hope your grandson enjoys the book despite all the football in it! And yes, will keep you posted on events. I’d dearly love to be back in Edinburgh again.

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