8 thoughts on “On Looking at My Calendar

  1. Hello Brian

    I have been thinking about this for some time, and have finally come up with these two. I would love to sing my heart out on the last night of the Proms, but not using the official words. Here are my suggestions under the heading of UNLEASHING THE DOGGERELS OF WAR. There are plenty more doggerels to be unleashed. However I am sure a proper poet will be able to make a much better job of it.

    Best wishes

    David Lucas


    Cruel Britannia! Britannia, ruled by naves, Britain should never, never have cruelly taken slaves

    Britain first, at villains command Arose and plundered the azure main, This is now the charter, the charter of the land, And Guardian angels demand we sing this strain.



    Land of hopeless Tories On this most agree How they do exploit us We on bended knee Viler still and viler How bad can they get? We who made them mighty Now, are full of regret. We who made them mighty Now are full of regret.


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