4 thoughts on “Inbox

  1. Hi Brian…question…is the “I’m Evergreen!” poem yours? I had a student attribute it to Emily Dickinson because (I think) he found it among your ‘ World Poet Tree Day’ collection. Your name is at the botom of it, and I would like to verify that it is your poem.

    Thank you!

    Mr. Cassler

    1. Dear Mr Cassler, thanks for getting in touch. It is my poem but it’s based off Emily Dickinson’s “I’m Nobody!”, which I love. Best wishes, Brian

  2. Thank you for your permission to print your “Kindness” poem in our Stewart Island News. Sorry you seem to have had more than one request I struggled to find a way of making contact since I don’t subscribe to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and then this non-tech-savvy old fossil was further set back to learn you had already granted permission on your Blog.
    BLOG?. My brain’s in a fog
    on the subject of blog!
    I let out a yelp —
    how does it help?
    Does it open a gate
    to comm -uni-cate?
    Not quite a dead end–
    I do have a friend
    with a blog of her own,
    but too distant to ‘phone.
    So email the States,
    endure the time waits,
    at last get some aid,
    though we’re both now afraid
    that what used to be easy
    now makes us feel queasy.
    Thanks, anyway!
    Beverley Osborn,
    Stewart Island, NZ.

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