Tickets are selling like warm buns …


for my upcoming shows and events, for some reason which is currently unclear to me.

Anyhow, if you want to come along to a night of poetry, jokes, juggling, breakdancing etc, you can find more info here …

Please note that the two London shows, Norwich and Sudbury have now sold out.

5 thoughts on “Tickets are selling like warm buns …

  1. Id love to attend but alas your planning map seems to have lost the south west corner! Exeter Phoenix is the jumping place to be! 


    div dir=”ltr”>Janet Dowling


    div>Author of “Dev

  2. Love you to come to Tunbridge Wells – The Assembly Hall or Trinity Theatre. But looking at your schedule for the year – wow! So much travelling….

      1. Thank you, I didn’t even expect a reply – hope to see you here in Royal Tunbridge Wells some day…

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