Herbal Tea

Together we sit here and drink herbal tea.
We talk to each other but not verbally.

You and me and herbal tea.

I watch how you drink your cup of herbal tea.
You sip it and slurp it so superbably.

You and the way you drink your herbal tea.

Your cupboards flow over with herbal tea.
To say that you love it is not hyperbole.

You and your cupboards of herbal tea.

I much prefer hot Vimto to herbal tea.
That you never stock it often perturbs me.

Me and hot Vimto and herbal tea.

So we sit with our endless cups of herbal tea.
Each minute which passes an eternity.

You and me in an eternity of herbal tea.

My Cup of Tea

no matter if you’re uppity
or cause a brew ha ha
you still are my cup of tea
my mug of steaming cha

that’s the oolong
and short of it,
the infusing, confusing
thought of it,
but please don’t make
sport of it,
i’m an overdunked, over-
wrought biscuit,

all out of leverage,
at the bottom