what you need to remember when you bring all the boys to the yard

so your milkshake
brings all the boys to the yard
well i am pleased for you
but remember that tuesday
is laundry day
and that is when
i hang my underwear
like bunting
on the washing line
under the vanilla sun
so should all the boys
catch on the breeze
the scent of your sweet to goodness milkshake
and assemble in the yard
like so many birds
they should be mindful
of my stripy boxers
as they dry
with all their flap flap flapping

Let’s Make Love

Let’s make love as soon as we’re able
when plates are cleared from the table,
the dishwasher stacked neatly
and the surfaces completely
wiped clean of crumbs and yolk.

We can leave the pans to soak.

Let’s make love fast and urgent
once I have gone and got detergent
because the backlog of laundry
is simply quite extraordinary;
we really should do it oftener.

I will also get some fabric softener.

Let our bodies start manoeuvring
when I’ve finished all the hoovering.
I know that it’s rather late
but the house is in a right state;
our schedule has got off kilter.

I think we need to change the filter.

Our love will be abandoned, exciting,
after I have done the recycling;
the lilac sacks securely tied
and placed in the street outside,
careful not to cause obstruction.

And so begins the sweet seduction.