Remembrance of Things Pasta

you gave me a penne
for my thoughts
but when i refusillied
you went away
and never came
gnocching again

it left me feeling

Fasterchef Lionel

In the Fasterchef final
Livewire Lionel
Showed none was faster
At cooking pasta
(It was very al dente
As he didn’t cook lente).
He’d steam rice
In a thrice,
Brussels were hustled
Whilst he bustled with mussels.
Lionel was the man
Who put the brisk
Back into brisket
(He really took the biscuit).
He became a celebrity
For the celerity
With which he’d make
His famed Casserole of Celery
And Salad of Chickpea
(ie prepared very quickly).

In every mouthful
You could taste
The haste.
That’s why he was