Days Like These – now available!

Given that my new book ‘Days Like These: An Alternative Guide to the Year in 366 Poems’ published the other week, I suppose I should bang on about it a bit.

It contains a poem for every day of the year, each one inspired by an event associated with that day – from the invention of television to World Bee Day; from Ada Lovelace Day to the founding of the NHS; from the death of Agatha Christie to the beheading of Charles I.

Subjects I’ve written about along the way include: quarks, morse code, Wittgenstein, Blue Peter, bananas, beards, unicorns, Barbie, the unification of Italy, the Rubik’s Cube, water, Scrabble, Waiting for Godot, the moon, Jane Austen, Esperanto, beer, Matt Hancock, Lego, kindness, octopuses, escalators, Countdown, Elvis, and the very angry caterpillar.

It’s available in all the usual places from which you might buy books (commonly known as ‘bookshops’).

All proceeds raised by the book will go towards paying my energy bills for the next couple of weeks.


  1. Hi, I was told by you that I a won a raffle for books! Information:
    Hazel Palmer
    381 Bradley Foster Dr
    Huntington, West Virginia USA
    I love your poems and had hoped to start the calendar year with 365 poems by you!!

    1. Hi Hazel, that wasn’t me. It’s a scam so please don’t interact with that message. It appears someone has cloned my page on Facebook. I’ve requested it to be taken down.

  2. Hi Brian
    Greetings from the summery south –namely Stewart Island at the bottom of NZ.
    This is a third request. You have given permission twice before for me to include poems by you in the articles I write for The Stewart Island News. Those were both reading down and then back up ones, which were much appreciated.
    Now I’d very much like your Kindness poem to be part of our next edition. Maybe your words might just be the nutrition needed for some of those dormant seeds.
    The deadline for my next 400 Words is the 19th so I’d be very grateful if you would let me know before then.
    Beverley Osborn

    1. Hello Beverley, greetings to you from the wintry north. Thanks for your request – yes, do feel free to include that poem. Thanks very much for asking.
      Best wishes,

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