Lost Words

Let’s lockdown with the Scrabble board,
have a rummage in the tiles,
and conjure words of hope and love
to pass the time awhile.

And if you’re short of consonants,
you can have a few of mine.
Hang on – what does ‘PRAXY’ mean?
No, whatever, I’m sure it’s fine.

Now you’ve set down all your tiles
on a triple word score, too.
Great. That’s the Q I’ve just acquired
and you’ve taken the last U.

I used to think we were meant to be,
but now I just don’t know.
You spelt ‘JUVENILE’ with your tiles
right where I’d planned to go.


  1. I enjoy scrabble, and even won once, but I’m a rubbish speller. Any chance of a poem on the blood, sweat and tears emitted whilst trying to spell a word correctly? Oh, and how Google can guess the words, no matter how badly you spell it, but Microsoft office, pah! They make you really struggle. Thank you, Brian, for the joy to bring to me, and many, many others. Martin.

    1. Thanks very much, Martin. I’m one of those annoying people who are quite good at spelling; until that is, I post a poem up on social media and then discover all the typos and mistakes in it.

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