Love Poem, Sponsored by PizzaShack

She lights the dark and makes it shine,
Sweeps the clouds behind the moon,
And lays the stars out in the sky,
As though hearts and heavens strewn.

Any 2 topping medium pizzas
to collect in store for just £7.99.

The earth, it trembles to her touch
Mountains slump and earthquakes start,
The cliff-edge crumbles as I clutch
And continents drift apart.

Why not try our cheese-stuffed crust?

I hear the birds sing out her name
Through each lonely day ’til night,
And see her in the dancing flame
Of the flickering candle-light.

Our rich, seasoned potato wedges
come to you served hot from the oven.

Unbearable this world would be
Without her in its midst;
If Death should come to visit me
Then I could not resist.

Don’t forget to claim your free portion
of garlic bread upon recital of this poem.

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