Blue may differ in hue,
lightness or chroma
so to say I feel blue
is a miscoloured misnomer.

You may be the blue
of pantone two ninety two
but perhaps another blueness
may give a better trueness
of your inner youness.

Why not try sky,
some shade of Cerulean,
pale OR bright OR frosted
to use logic that’s Boolean.

Sit and contemplate your navy,
aquamarine forms of sea power,
or pluck blues out of nature,
like duck-egg or cornflower.

For those that remain loyal
then, of course, there is royal,
but if you remain skeptic
or have tastes more eclectic,
like Bob, you might consider
going electric.

Then there is Spanish, Prussian,
Egyptian and Persian;
that’s a lot of nationalities
of which blue has a version.

Which blue hue is the true you
is not for me to tell.
Just do do the blue hue
that you do so well.

And if you’re not sure,
there’s always azure.

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