Giving Up

A New Year for a New You,
a chance to give up the bad things
that you do.

Give up the fags, the birds, the booze,
the coke, the crack, the Reds, the blues.

Give up procrastination, shirking, shilly-shallying,
the dodging, ducking and constant dilly-dallying.

Give up all that bleeding effing and blinding,
late-night teeth-grinding, first-thing fault-finding.

Give up box sets and lying on the sofa,
the dream of having more lovers than Cassanova.

Give up overeating and underachieving,
the hopes for the future you used to believe in.

Give up picking noses, nits, scabs and fights,
complaining about infringement of your civil rights.

Give up the career that’s going nowhere fast,
the watching of the clock, the dwelling on the past.

Give up the ghost of a chance to dance
or of being given a first or second glance.

Give up your obsession with the young Gary Numan
(in fact, give up the things that make us all human;
the failures, the hurt, the pains, and rejections,
the settling for any of life’s imperfections.

Give them all up at the drop of a pin
or at least ’til the 2nd when it’s time
to give in.

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