The Peruvian 1978 World Cup Song

We are Peru and we’re going to win the Cup,
We’ve got a point or two to prove!
Yes, we’re Peru and we’re a team on the up
And we’re very, very good at the pass and move!

We are Peru and we’re the best team around
For we have Teófilo Cubillas and Héctor Chumpitaz!
We are Peru and our fans make loud sound,
We even have some very excellent trumpeters!

We are Peru and we come from a land
Where we like to mix altitude with attitude!
If you don’t know Peru then just let us expand,
10° 00′ S and 76° 00′ W is our longitude and latitude!

We are Peru and we’re gonna win the Cup,
We’re there on the map if you peruse!
Yes, we’re Peru and we never give up,
There’s no way at all we can lose!

We are Peru!

We are Peru!

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