The Ideation of Beauty

Come with me, Cleopatra of the cloistered night,
And together let us onboard dynamic collaborative tools
Whilst contemplating the eternal.

The footsteps of such excellent falsehoods fade
As we leverage the underlying global paradigms of emergent verticals
And mere echoes of the immortal remain.

We measure out our lives in cappuccino cups,
Evolving scalable synergies to deploy a roadmap of swim lanes,
A paean to pain and such terrible beauty.

Truth’s tragedy tattoos itself upon the face,
And the establishment of an automated lead qualification process
Forces an urgent insouciance of a life unlived.

The air turns to a sudden unseasonal winter-stillness,
Robust go-to-market strategies for content-enabled services are sought,
And the robin wakes, sings, and sleeps once more.

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