Suffering Fools Gladly

Unlike you,
I suffer fools gladly,
Perhaps even madly,
To the point of clipboarding
My way through town centres
Wherein I approach
Unsuspecting suspects
In order to assess the level
Of asininity
In the vicinity:

Question 1: Are you a fool?
(If Yes, proceed to suffer them gladly;
If No, slowly release back into the wild.
End survey).

So gladdened was I
By this suffering of fools,
I would invite my favourite fools back
So I could feel this
Stupid sadistic pleasure
More at my leisure.

I built a special enclosure
To house all the fools.
They never tried to escape
(They were rather foolish after all).
At the beginning of each April
I would throw them a party
And watch them play foolish pranks
Whilst eating raspberry fool.

Fools rock!
Fools are cool!

So when you say
That you don’t suffer fools gladly,

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